Hello Dallas…

Hello Dallas…

Saturday Apr 4 @ 10:24am
Saturday Apr 4 @ 10:23am
Tuesday Apr 4 @ 04:40pm
Oh how we forget
that everything is a choice
and we can decide.
Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via thatkindofwoman) Tuesday Apr 4 @ 04:38pm


Tuesday Apr 4 @ 04:37pm
Monday Apr 4 @ 09:42pm
Sunday Apr 4 @ 10:12pm

Sunday Apr 4 @ 09:58pm
Once you are in a relationship you start taking each other for granted. That’s what destroys all love affairs. The woman thinks she knows the man, the man thinks he knows the woman. Nobody knows either. It is impossible to know the other, the other remains a mystery. And to take the other for granted is insulting, disrespectful. Osho  (via imnotchaste) Saturday Apr 4 @ 08:41pm
Saturday Apr 4 @ 08:40pm
Friday Apr 4 @ 07:30pm
Friday Apr 4 @ 07:25pm

Anonymous asked: I vote for a q & a : )

Hahaha thanks, lovely!<3333 Perhaps :-X

Thursday Apr 4 @ 10:03pm

Okay so someone keeps asking me in my inbox to make a Q&A video of me answering some questions…so, really cool and sweet and all, but A) I’m super awkward… and B) I don’t think too much of you care about me/my life that much to send me questions worth making a video out of haha but I guess we shall see! Let me know if you guys think that’s something worth me making haha much love!

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 09:46pm
How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind. (via bl-ossomed) Wednesday Apr 4 @ 09:42pm
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